The term "licensee" used in these definitions refers to physicians and physician assistants licensed to practice medicine in Arizona. The term "Board" refers to either the Arizona Medical Board or the Arizona Regulatory Board of Physician Assistants.

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Types of
Board Actions:
Non- Disciplinary Actions:
Disciplinary Actions
Types of
Non-Disciplinary Actions:
Advisory Letter
Practice Limitation
Probationary License
Types of
Disciplinary Actions
Canceled With Cause Practice Restriction
Civil Penalty Probation
Decree of Censure Revocation
Inactive with Cause Summary Suspension
Letter of Reprimand Surrender of License
Payment of Costs Suspension
General Terms: Allopathic Medicine Medical Practice Act
Board Negligence
Certification Open Investigations
Drug Enforcement Administartion(DEA) Osteopathic Medicine
Fellowship Physician Assistnt
Formal Hearing Registration
Internship Residency
Licensee Schedule II,III,IV, or V drugs
Licensure Unprofessional Conduct
Probationary Terms: Biological Fluid Test Focused Education/Continuing Medical Education(CME)
Chaperone Post Licensure Assessment(PLAS)
Competency Exam(SPEX) Restitution
Board Orders: Board Order Interim Order
Consent Agreement Stayed Disciplinary Action
Licensing Terms: Active Limited
Canceled Restricted
Emergency Suspension Revoked
Expired Surrendered
Inactive Suspended
Inactive with Cause Pending Expiration - Suspended(E)